web hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Definition of Web Hosting

Web hosting, in simple terms, is the special type of service for providing storage space for your website or any application on the Internet server. As soon as your website is made available on the internet, it can be easily accessed by other computers that are connected to the internet.

Web hosts are those companies that work by renting out their services and technologies to host websites scattered on the world of the internet. Once the hosting company gets connected to your site and starts to host your website, potential users can easily access it by simply typing in your web address; domain name, in the web browser. Right after this action is taken, their computer immediately connects to that specific server from where your website is hosted. The server providing web hosting, in turn, serves your website by sending those files that you have stored on the storage to display, to the web visitor in their web browser.

Importance of web hosting

Let have a look at the various reasons which makes having such web hosting important for a website.

High Uptime: Downtime is the period when website is not accessible to a visitor. The downtime maybe few hours or even a day. During the downtime, you may be losing many business opportunities which may have come your way. If you have web hosting from reputed hosting company, then it can be said with certainty that you will be having lesser downtime which will not cause a impression of unreliability upon your customer.

Company E-mails: You may already using free e-mails or online accounts for your business from Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo, but the email domain is not represent your company name. The web hosting package that you select will include such e-mail links to your website with your own company domain. Moreover, your e-mail address will be more memorable as it will match your corporate brand and identity.

High Bandwidth & Traffic: It may happen that when you are having spike traffic to your website and cause a temporarily downtime. But if you have dedicated web hosting then such incidents will not happen and you will have the ability to manage and scale the traffic to your site as needed.

Maintenance-Free of Server Hardware: When you have web hosting from a reputed hosting provider, then you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of hardware. The server hardware and network will be effectively handled by the hosting provider. They will be allocating a number of servers and remote offsite backup and if one fails it will automatically transferred to the other or restore the data from backup. This will also enable you to have a lesser amount of data loss.

How to choose a good web host

There are several ways to get Web Hosting in Malaysia or simple web hosting. To opt for the one that would be right for your business, you need to ask yourself the following two questions:

What website type you are planning to host online (is it a blog, news website, or an ecommerce website?). Doing so will determine what traffic flow you will be expecting and what frequency of robust is needed by the infrastructure, to host the website. The actual science behind the Web hosting is critically based on the goals of your business site. This also includes the required speed of your website and the rate of your business expansion. Also, what quantity of hand-holding is needed? These are some of the questions that need to be answered before you turn towards web hosting in Malaysia.

The answers to above-mentioned queries will determine how much you need of the following:

•             Storage space

•             Bandwidth

•             Control Panel

•             Cost

If you are seeking for a web hosting provider to work on your website then you need to investigate on the following points:

UPTIME: You need to check whether the web hosting provider guarantees at least an uptime 99%?

SERVER LOCATION: You need to investigate where are their servers located?

NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS: It is important to know how many customers the web hosting provider serves.

LOCATION: You also need to check where the provider is located.

INDUSTRY YEARS: Make sure you investigate the credibility of web hosting company by observing their active years.

SUPPORT: You need to check whether the company offers 24/7 support? There must be trained personnel to assist you all the time.

RELATED PRODUCTS: Go for the web hosting company that also offers many other relevant web service products like email, backup services, and security.

SMARTPHONE ACCESS: Last but not least, the provider must ensure that you can access your control panel from a smartphone or any other similar device.

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